Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Marriage....Be ready....Do it right

I was together with a woman for close to ten years, married approximately five of them. I lived with her for quite a while before we got married. When I got married I never wanted to divorce because I was brought up that marriage is forever. My folks have been together forver, I believe well over forty years.

I have been divorced now for a couple years. I have a bad taste in my mouth about marriage but I know I will marry again as well as a few things I will do differently.

I will not live with my girlfriend before marriage. This creates a loss of excitement when the big day comes. I will work out of my own checkbook until we have an understanding about a budget. I will be the provider, not dictator. The Bible says the man is to provide. I would'nt say my wife could'nt work, I would encourage it, if she did'nt want to that would be o.k.

Some people say that the downfall of most marriages is about money. That is not true. It is the words used to miline charachter, and personally insult. This is a forbidden act the next time I get married.

So....When people say it's great to live together before marriage, tell them that thay will exhaust all excitement when it comes to the big day.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Well......I'm Back

Not that anyone really cares. I havent posted in quite a while. I've gotten a few e-mails asking me to start again. I am coming in to work early now to spend some time with my blog.

There is a lot going on locally and nationally that is disqusting. I don't want to write anything about the worlds problems, wars, scandalls, republicans, democrats, gays, preists, gas prices, oil, presidents, North Korea, Iraq, murder, guns, drugs, T.O., Yankees, Tiger, winter, or who will win the election in 08.

Maybe we all should spend a bit more time on our knees praying about these problems instead of complaining about them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Safe Driving Tips

In Ohio we have had a very mild winter thus far. Instead of snow we have had rain. When weather conditions change, that does'nt mean we all stop commuting.

I started a new job at the beginning of the year and it requires me to travel approximately 25 miles one way to work. This takes about one half hour, as long as I travel one of the most deadliest freeways in Ohio. 71 North and South bound are extremely dangerous even in beautiful weather. Since the beginning of the year I have avoided an oncoming spare tire that was lost from a vehicle going 65 mph, I have avoided crashing into the median from hydroplaning, and I have avoided numerous accidents by utilizing some safe driving tips.

I always wear my seatbelt first and foremost. I never tailgate other drivers, and I always remember that in rain and snow my brake is my enemy. I linked the word hydroplane for your knowledge. When a car starts to loose traction a lot of people panic and step on the brake or the accelerator. This actually looses more traction. If you realize your car is loosing traction, simply let off the gas, and your car will regain traction on it's own. When acceleration stops in the drive tire it allows the tire to grip the road and let the tread of the tire do it's job. Don't panic, stay in control, and never stop driving your car.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie Is Dead

Tookie started the Crips
Tookie killed four people
Tookie got sentenced to death row

Tookie tried to change
Tookie wrote books
Tookie was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

California denied clemency
California killed Tookie

Maybe Tookie will go to heaven
Most of California probably won't

Tookie is dead

Friday, October 21, 2005

Get Off The Phone And Drive Your Car!

I own a cellular phone and I own a car. I do not use them both at the same time. I am beside myself when I see someone driving erraticlly, and on the phone. I see so many people do this. It has been documented that numerous accidents have been caused by cell phone useage while driving. This disqusts me.

Number one, nobody is THAT important nor anything THAT important to risk other peoples lives you don't even know. I don't care what kind of business you are in. Get to where you are going and then talk on the phone. Alot of times I see little ditzy girls playing with their hair, driving, and on the phone. Probably with a friend gossiping, and swerving. When I pass them (with care) I mouth the words "get off the damn phone". They don't appreciate that, nor does anyone else because I do it to everyone I see on the phone.

I am ready to battle any comments on this issue that goes against my view on this one. Six thousand pound vehicles don't mix well with cell phones. Forget the ear piece, forget the hands free. Get off the phone and drive your car.